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Amy Coney Barrett better run for cover after this new bombshell

Something creepy this way comes…just in time for Halloween!

This morning, the New Yorker dropped a bombshell expose about the shady practices of the Alliance Defending Freedom, a favorite organization of the right for its proudly anti-gay, anti-bodily autonomy agenda. Several ADF alumni have clerked for right-wing agents in positions of power, including Amy Coney Barrett and Samuel Alito. More than that, Barrett has been a paid speaker at ADF events previously.

But that’s not all: new information has also come to light about a Christian “cult” that Coney Barrett was a longtime member of. The FBI looked into the organization known as the “People of Praise” and unearthed some truly chilling details.

Because surprise surprise, the People of Praise has apparently been covering up the abuse of at least five ex-members, according to the new report.

We keep saying it, and it bears repeating: queer people aren’t the ones you need to worry about in regards to “grooming.”

It’s almost as if all this anti-gay, anti-trans rhetoric is a smokescreen for the actual abuse that’s going on in plain sight.

Learning that the People of Praise served as the inspiration for Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” feels just about right.

And the worst part is…she’s still a member.

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