Gotta Dance

Apparently Trump is a show tune queen?

In yet another move that no one could have possibly seen coming, it turns out Donald Trump pre-games to show tunes just like the rest of us. Okay, I might be just speaking for myself. But still: a video that surfaced today is proof positive that Trump is at the very least aware of the life-changing power of Broadway showtunes.

While waiting for Trump to appear at an Iowa rally this week, they were greeted by the mellifluous sounds of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, courtesy of the ex-President’s pre-game playlist.

That’s not all: not only did Trump (or someone on his team) seemingly choose “Music of the Night” as background music, they went one step further. They didn’t play the original Broadway cast version, made almost bearable by theater legends Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford. Oh no. They opted for the movie soundtrack, in which Gerald Butler scream-sings what is arguably the most recognizable song from the show.

The people are already calling it camp…with great reason.

It’s giving 1970s auntie who just thought Liberace was a fun, kooky guy with great fashion sense.

Picking the movie soundtrack really is a Choice.

What’s next, Barbra Streisand’s Hello Dolly?

Can you hear the people vomit?

Biden, the ball is officially in your court.

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