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Dog owner complains his mutt no longer respects him after it saw him bottoming

A query posted to the AskGayBros subreddit has prompted a lartge response and replies both serious and humorous.

The poster said that he owned a beloved Akita dog (like the one shown above). However, his pet’s attitude toward him had changed since it witnessed him getting pounded during a hook-up encounter.

“I’d rather not go too into specifics but I had a guy over a couple weeks ago for a hookup and forgot to close the door so my Akita I’ve had for 2 years wandered in while we were going at it,” he began.

“The guy was being pretty rough and I was getting into it moaning, being slutty, you know, bottom things, until the top pointed out the dog was watching us.

“I got him out of the room and closed the door but since then my dog doesn’t seem to want to listen to me, respect my authority, or even spend much time with me. I try to pet or hug him and he growls or moves away, that wasn’t the case before…

“I know ‘homophobic dog’ sounds ridiculous but is it possible that since he saw me in a submissive position he doesn’t want to listen to me anymore?” the owner wondered.

“Has he been to the vet?”

The most liked response said, “He now understands you’re his b*tch.” On a similar theme, someone else said, “Sadly you are not the man of the house anymore.”

Another pretended to be the dog in question: “Hi I’m the Akita. I was wondering if any tops are looking to adopt!?”

Others tried to offer practical solutions.

“Have him see you top, maybe that will restore things back to normal 🤷‍♂️”

Others were more serious.

“I don’t think that is a thing. Has he been to the vet? A sudden change in behavior might mean something is bothering him, and I don’t think it was seeing you bottoming.”

This prompted someone else to quip, “Be sure to let your vet know that your dog saw you bottoming though, just in case.”

Again, offering a serious take, another said, “It totally is possible that your dog sees you as a less obvious dominant figure but I would imagine that it is more to do with how you interact with him and also if he has grown in size/strength/confidence recently.

“If he does not see you as dominant it is probably because of how you are with him on the regular and not because of one time you’re getting dicked down. Maybe try training and obedience classes? It’s also worth thinking about what you want your friendship to be because an obedient dog is not necessarily an affectionate dog.”

Others with knowledge of the breed joked, “Sounds like a normal Akita to me.”

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