Matt Rife is now beefing with a six-year-old

Everyone’s favorite misogynist is back, and this time, he means business. That’s right: Matt Rife is determined to cling to relevance by any means necessary; including picking a fight with a six-year-old kid.

Which is precisely what he’s done. In late November, just after Rife’s comedy special Natural Selection came out on Netflix, TikToker and mom Bunny Hedaya stitched a part of the special she’d seen circulating online. It was one of the many misogynistic notes in Rife’s set, which hinged on a “joke” about astrology. “Just because Jupiter has rings and you don’t,” Rife begins to say, inaccurately, before being corrected by Hedaya’s son, a space whiz who already knows more about the solar system (and respecting women) at the tender age of six than Rife has bothered to learn in his entire grown-a** life.


#stitch with @Netflix Is A Joke are you smarter than a 6 year old?

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Hedaya’s son pointed out that Saturn, not Jupiter, has visible rings—it’s a common misconception that Jupiter has a lot of them since the planet is often illustrated with a visible crown or “halo” effect. However, it’s Saturn that has a number of clearly-defined rings compared to Jupiter’s faint turnout. Hedaya’s son schooled Rife while also pointing out that the comedian is “mean to girls.” Leave it to a Gen Alpha icon to drag these hideous men to filth!

So how did Rife respond? Well, in typical Rife fashion, he instantly took to bullying. Not only did he come after the six-year-old by “correcting” his astronomy facts, he took the time to say that “Santa Clais [sp] isn’t real” and implied that the child’s mother Bunny made her money from OnlyFans.


Matt Rife started a fight with the wrong 6 year old. Buckle in. #bunny #bunnyhedaya #mommabear

♬ original sound – BUNNY 🐰

Naturally, Hedaya wasn’t having this. She went online to explain that, while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting money through OnlyFans, it was wrong of Rife to bully both her and her son after he was called out. Not only is it extremely petty, it’s downright embarrassing. Doesn’t this guy have better things to do?

Apparently not. As Hedaya pointed out in the video, like Rife, her audience is largely female (with a sprinkling of gays and theys of course.) Unlike Rife, she’s not aiming to insult or bully them. And that’s the difference between a creator who does it for love and connection and someone who’s just out to rile people up and get controversy views.

“You stick to circle-jerking the men you need validation from,” Hedaya said, “and I’ll gladly take your female audience.”

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