Drake’s alleged video leak has the internet hot and bothered

Drake‘s latest video isn’t about his music, but rather his “missile.”

The internet is in shambles after and an alleged NSFW video of Canadian rapper Drake, leaked. Now the “6 God” might be called the “9 God” after what the internet just saw. The alleged video depicts the “Rich Flex” rapper in a bed, opposite a mirror, filming with a phone in one hand and his big talent in the other.

While we can’t share the video, the footage has coursed through the appropriately named X, formerly Twitter, for anyone to come across online. Plenty of people have seen what the self-proclaimed “Champagne Papi” is packing. The thirst is real, but is the leaked video?

Some fans believe it’s not Drake, as celebrity imposters come a dime a dozen. However, in an interesting turn of events, Drake might’ve confirmed that it is him in the footage. Super sleuths have deduced that the footage was recorded on his private jet and after the leak went out, Drake posted a picture from his plane’s cockpit to Instagram Stories hours after the leak with the caption “Cashville I’m home.”

Photo credit: Drake via Instagram

Is it a confirmation? The world may never know, but what we do know is that the thirst is real now that the video is out.

Also, X users found it interesting that since Megan Thee Stallion released her number one hit “Hiss,” calling out rappers with “BBL scars,” Drake’s video would leak. Many think that Megan’s lyric is directed towards Drake who leveraged the “Savage” rapper’s traumatic shooting as a punchline in his song “Circa Loco.”

Another thing that X users pointed out is how straight men are comparing their tools to Drake’s hammer, or as someone put it, going “meat for meat” with the rapper.

Drake’s alleged video has sparked new trends, made plenty parched, and broke the internet. We didn’t have that on our 2024 bingo card.

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