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Queer Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls, Gays, and Theys

There is no greater anxiety than picking out the perfect Halloween costume when October comes around. Do you go with something scary, sexy, or cute? Halloween is most definitely the gay version of Christmas and it’s impossible to choose just one costume, good thing you don’t need to. 

There are a plethora of costumes that fit whatever your gay heart desires, it might even call for more than one costume change during the night. Halloween is the perfect holiday to celebrate being queer, a night dedicated to being whoever you want to be. 

Take the opportunity to celebrate the freedom to explore gender and sexuality by picking out something that matches your persona. Who would have known the holiday known for pumpkins and scary affairs is also the perfect night for getting to know who you really are. 

Take a look below to find costume ideas that match your needs:

Queer Couples Costumes

Let’s be real, with cuffing season upon us, you might dating someone by the time spooky season comes around. Whether you’re looking for a good way to launch your relationship on social media or you’ve been dating for as long as anyone in your friend group can remember, an unforgettable couple costume is a must. 

Mario and Luigi

I think we all know Mario and Luigi have the hots for each other. You can make it sexier by adding short shorts or opting out of a shirt and just keeping the suspenders. What better way is there to honor a childhood favorite video game while also making this obvious ship come to life. 


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  • Get the look
  • Pair with plain red or green crop tops (or don’t) and black shorts and suspenders. 

Harley Quinn and The Joker 

How do you look away from gay Harley Quinn and The Joker? This head-turning couples costume is perfect to showcase your personality within the relationship, are you Harley Quinn or The Joker in your love affair? 

@baggygenderlesspants Harley having lipstick on her teeth is canon idec #joker #harleyandjoker #GameTok #harleyquinn #harleyquinncosplay #cosplay #foryou #fyp #suicidesquad #gay #lgbt #dcuniverse ♬ оригинальный звук – люблю настеньку

Get the look:

Marceline and Bubblegum 

This might just be the epitome of a Gen Z lesbian couple costume. True to the lesbian Adventure Time cartoon characters, Marceline and Bubblegum have become a go-to costume for women who love women. And of course the bright pink versus dark black aesthetics might just perfectly match you and your girlfriend’s mood in the relationship, the perfect femme plus stem representation! 

@nasty.g0blin i love lesbians || #princessbubblegum#marceline#bubbline#adventuretime#adventuretimecosplay#bubblinecosplay#fyp ♬ original sound – 🕊

Get the look

  • Marceline (pair with your favorite black outfit)
  • Bubblegum (pair with your favorite pink outfit)

For more on WLW halloween costumes check out our expanded list of couples costumes for women who love women.

Lesbian Costumes

Some things just scream lesbian, and these costumes are no exception. Whether you want to showcase being a femme lesbian or a stud lesbian we have it all covered. These are the perfect costumes that scream “I’m a lesbian!” without having to say anything at all. 

Draculara (or any Monster High Character) 

Chances are if you grew up having monster high dolls your a lesbian now. So why not be one for Halloween? Draculara is the femme icon of the monster high squad and a more unique take on the classic vampire look. This would also make a perfect lesbian group costume! Plus we all know vampires are queer coded as hell. 

@sour.clown (the/them) NOT SPONSORED ‼️‼️ #draculaura #monsterhigh #draculauracosplay #sourclown #blackcosplayer #divinecosplayer #MadeWithKeurigContest #gay#kawaii#lolitafashon ♬ original sound – EMMA

Get the look

Jennifer’s Body 

@brookeremii what other costumes do you wanna see? drop them below vvvv #greenscreen #jennifersbody #jennifersbodycosplay #jennifersbodyhalloween #halloweencostumeideas #halloweencostume #halloween2022 ♬ Fall October Halloween horror classic(177261) – rareNote

Don’t even lie – you watched “that one scene” in Jennifer’s Body over and over again didn’t you? It’s okay I’m pretty sure we all did. Jennifer is hot, powerful, and sexy which is pretty much all you could ask for in a costume. There are also various iterations: cheerleader Jennifer, pink jacket Jennifer, and my personal favorite, blood-covered Jennifer. 

Get the lookPair with a gray top and black boots.  


@mistress_mortis Time to eat these “men”. #ursula #ursulacosplay #disneyvillain ♬ Poor Unfortunate Souls – cinderspeare

I think we all know this bad witch of the sea is a secret gay icon. If you are looking for something a little evil with a little diva sprinkled in this is the look for you. It’s also a great choice if you’re into pairing makeup looks with your costume

Get the look: Pair with black top and Ursula makeup look.

Gay Costumes 

The gays basically own Halloween, which means you need to show up to the party with your best costume. Here we have a few options, but just remember there’s almost always a way to make a traditional hetero costume gay and slay. You can also gender-bend by picking out any of the other costumes in this article.

Ryan Evans 

We all waited through 3 High School Musical movies just to witness Ryan Evans NOT come out.  It’s okay, you can do it yourself by wearing this costume. 

@haveunoshameari I hc her as aroace tho so she doesn’t care #ryanevans#ryanevanscosplay#highschoolmusical#hsmcosplay#highschoolmusicalcosplay ♬ original sound – Gage

Get the look: Pair a sparkly fedora with your most flamboyant outfit and you’ve got it. 


Gay Cowboy 

There’s so much you could reference with this costume from classic Brokeback Mountain to icon Lil Nas X. Not to mention it’s the perfect costume to make sexy if you want to!


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Get the look


@xomasi Apollo with literally anyone that’s ✨pretty✨ | #apollo #greekgods #apollocosplay #greekmythology ♬ Line Without a Hook – Ricky Montgomery

The god of sun and music is also the patron of same-sex love, what a perfect way to honor an OG queer icon. The greek god costume is also a nod to the gay book that got us all crying, “Song of Achilles.” 

Get the look

Nonbinary Costumes 

While we live in a world where binary gender roles exist, Halloween offers many opportunities for genderless expression. Take advantage of this opportunity to let your true self shine.

Skeleton ahhhh #fyp #skeleton #theyhe #viral #lgbtq #nb #pan #foryoupage #skeletonmakeup #yeah #nonbinary #boost #skeletonguy #foryou ♬ original sound – soulja boy

The perfect gender nonconforming costume. You can make it as femme or as masc as you like, there’s nothing more gender neutral than the bones beneath your skin. 

Get the look



This “Adventure Time” character has no gender and is referred to by both feminine and masculine pronouns in the show. Not only is this a canon nonbinary character, but it’s also a unique costume few will go for. 


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Get the lookFor the head and buttons you might have to get crafty with some cardboard and tape! 



This costume has become more and more popular on TikTok over the last few years. Because of its eccentric nature and its ability to be very loud or just unique, this costume is a go-to gender-neutral choice. 

@elfg0blinx POV: ur the weird kid tht gets bullied for existing ✌🏼👽 // #lgbtq #queer #gay #nonbinary #theythem #alt #emo #scene #goth #halloween #alien ♬ Nurse’s Office – Melanie Martinez

@riverglassI just wanted to be an alien 👽♬ No way is that gonna fit – Alanna Darby

Get the look: Pair with your favorite green outfit.

Express Yourself!

The list of queer Halloween costumes goes on and on! Although we may think it’s harder to find a costume because we’re a part of the queer community, there are ways to create new ideas or transform old ones into something incredible. 

Halloween may seem like a cheesy time to find oneself, but the sole idea of having one night to be WHOEVER you want to be is the perfect parallel to how we should be living our lives daily. Free of any judgment and always taking time to explore our gender and sexuality. 

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