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Ice Spice fans think they know who her ex is

Did this new video confirm Ice Spice‘s ex?

On Wednesday, Munchkins (Ice Spice’s fanbase) were treated to a new TikTok of the “Barbie World” rapper seemingly with a new boo. Set up in an intimate convo, Ice Spice flirts away with a mystery man who tells her “Baby, you can look so pretty when you ‘grah'” (her signature ad lib).

Ice Spice clearly loving the attention, cuts the flirting short when someone comes into her purview. She demands that her current boo not look in that direction, explaining that the person in her line of sight is her ex.

But who is this mystery ex? While some fans can assume that Ice Spice probably deems her ex a “Munch,” some Munchkins playfully commented that it was them in the video.

But everything isn’t what it seems as the video is actually an ad for the lemon-lime soda Starry. Well, more like a teaser to the official commercial premiering during the NFL’s 57th Super Bowl.


see u @ super bowl 💋 @Starry

♬ Deli – Ice Spice

Ice Spice is in her acting era, starting with major sporting event commercials *cue the award nominations*.

Still, while that ex in question might not be a person, as it’s probably her signature Dunkin’ Donuts beverage, the Ice Spice Munchkins drink. Last year, Ice Spice partnered with Dunkin’ (and Ben Affleck) to promote her frozen coffee drink that featured blended Dunkin’s Pumpkin Munchkins (you read that right).

Look if Ice Spice wants to move on to bigger and better things, who are we to stop her? The Grammy nominee, Billboard’s Hitmaker Award winner, and pansexual powerhouse probably needed to be in a relationship that complements her when she’s “in ha mood” or not.

So, it seems like Ice Spice left the “Deli” for Dunkin’ and left Dunkin’ for Starry. We’ll find out more when the full commercial drops on February 11 during the 57th Super Bowl.

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