He feels the rush

Jeremy Allen White stuns in a seemingly “Rush”-inspired photo shoot

The Bear star Jeremy Allen White is channeling his inner Troye Sivan of late…and we’re simply bursting with questions.

It’s no surprise that the insanely ripped actor has been the subject of many a thirst post since his post-Shameless rebranding. But a recent photo shoot has us asking…is White trying to tell us something? More to the point: is White’s publicity team trying to imply something?

A new GQ photo shoot features White looking preppy and delectable against a backdrop of fellow twunks, and the look of the shoot is giving us just a little bit of deja-vu. The question on everyone’s mind is: didn’t Troye Sivan just do this in his video for “Rush?”

Is sexy plagiarism a thing? I guess it is now!

The Troye Sivan-ification isn’t the only thing that has folks buzzing—the Harry Styles accusations are flying fast and loose.

Mostly, people are wondering what we all probably should be wondering: is this a Brad Pitt-style bid to take our attention away from the controversy surrounding White’s custody battle? If so, the PR is doing what PR does best: distracting us from questionable behavior by flashing some sexy images at us. And I regret to say it’s working.

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