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Ross Lynch says Troye Sivan is his “only girl,” and the internet is obsessed

First, Ross Lynch was Troye Sivan’s video vixen. Then, he was his boy toy on stage. Now, he’s flirting in the “Rush” singer’s comments, and the internet can’t stop theorizing.

After recreating his viral role in Sivan’s “One of Your Girls’ music video at a recent concert in London, Lynch kept the lovefest going with an Instagram comment. Under Sivan’s post about the performance, Lynch brought the song’s lyrics to life, writing, “You’re my only girl.”

People weren’t sure what to make of the comment. Do Lycnh and Sivan have a secret romantic relationship, or was Lynch just trying to garner viral attention by verging on queerness?

Others thought there was nothing gay going on at all. Rather, Lynch’s flirting is typical of how straight men talk with their gay guy friends.

Meanwhile, several trans folks suspected Lynch was playing the long game. He could be a straight guy who’s into the woman that Sivan could someday become (all speculation, of course).

That idea isn’t unfounded, either. In a TikTok, Sivan shared that getting in drag for the “One of Your Girls” music video was an awakening for his gender expression.

“I’ve honestly never really questioned my gender, but something was unlocked in me on the day of the ‘One of Your Girls’ video shoot,” For now, I don’t wanna look like that every day. I don’t wanna be her every day. But I’m also like, it’s gonna be so boring to make a music video again without the tape and the f*cking corset and all that sh*t.”

Does that mean Sivan is going to transition? No, not necessarily — but no one would blame Lynch for being equally stirred after getting a lap dance from Sivan’s alter ego.

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