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This store’s Halloween section is a lesbian wonderland

Everyone knows Halloween is Gay Christmas, and this year, even the big chain stores are getting in on the action. Arts and crafts retailer Michaels recently released its annual Halloween decor collection, and it’s undeniably lesbian-coded.

While visiting a local Michaels, the TikTok account @midwesternlesbian — aka Kelsey — took us on a tour of the store’s Halloween section.

“Their Halloween stuff is out, and they made all of this for the lesbians,” they said, before diving into a showcase of the products on display. “Literally the lesbian flag!”

The collection is full of all your typical Halloween decor, including skulls, skeletons, ghosts, pumpkins, tombstones, spooky wreaths. The twist, though, is that it’s all in shades of pink, orange, and white — aka, the colors of the lesbian flag. Some decorations even have built in mirrorballs, adding a disco aesthetic to the collection (as if couldn’t get any gayer).

As they walked around Michaels, Kelsey even noticed that the store was blasting sapphic singer Fletcher over its speakers, another sign that it was “It’s the year of the lesbian,” Kelsey decided.


michael’s really said, halloween is a lesbian holiday #michaels #halloween @Caitlin

♬ original sound – midwestern lesbian

Kelsey’s comments section was immediately obsessed. “Lesbian disco Halloween wasn’t a theme I was looking for but I can’t stop thinking about it now,” wrote one commenter.

“HOBBY LOBBY COULD NEVVVAAAAA,” commented another, rightfully dragging the rival craft store and it’s notoriously homophobic history.

According to Michaels, its Halloween collection’s theme is “hippie,” not lesbianism, but that doesn’t mean they’re ignorant to what their chosen color palette represents. Not only did it stock the collection during Pride Month (nearly four months before Halloween), but the store promoted it in a TikTok of its own set to the sapphic anthem “HOT TO GO!” by lesbian pop princess Chappell Roan. You’re telling me that wasn’t intentional?


Summerween is here: Hippie Hallow is our new OBSESSION👻🎃

♬ original sound – Empire State Building

Whether Michaels’ lesbian-centric collection was purposefully sapphic or the color scheme was a happy accident doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that it’s enabling lesbians everywhere to deck out their homes in style for the gayest holiday of them all. Happy Halloween, indeed. 

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