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The Joker 2 trailer sends Lady Gaga’s fans wild … but some folk are unhappy

The eagerly-awaited teaser trailer for the Joker sequel—Joker: Folie à Deux—hit the internet yesterday evening. It has quickly racked up 5 million views on YouTube and plenty more on social media platforms.

Directed by Todd Phillips and again starring Joaquin Phoenix in the title role, it’s a sequel to the mega-successful, Oscar-winning Joker movie from 2019. It will be released this fall, exactly five years after the first film.

The sequel will also co-star Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn. Her character meets the Joker when he is sent to Arkham Asylum and falls under his spell.

Watch below.

Unsurprisingly, Gaga fans were thrilled to finally see the singer and actress in the movie’s first official trailer. It’s clear she joins Joker in his life of crime, with one scene showing her wiping the blood from a dead man across her lips to create a gory smile.

A few people also had fun with the trailer. Gaga recently received some backlash for advertising a specific brand of migraine relief tablet on her Instagram. This led to a few jokes at her expense.

Musical questions

However, not everyone appeared thrilled with the trailer. It appears that some people have realized for the first time that the movie will contain musical elements. This is not new information and is something Phillips and others have previously mentioned.

It’s not yet clear how the music will be woven into the plot. The trailer includes the song “What The World Needs Now Is Love”.

According to Variety, the movie will feature covers of 15 “very well-known songs”’ such as the Judy Garland classic “That’s Entertainment”, plus two new songs. These will likely come from Gaga. She won an Oscar for co-writing “Shallow” from A Star Is Born.

A handful of movie fans were unimpressed.

We’re pleased to report that the number of people ga-ga over the new trailer vastly outnumbered those unhappy.

Joker: Folie à Deux will hit screens in the US on October, 4. Expect further trailers and a whole heap of hype in the coming months.

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