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Apparently Jason Mraz is Bisexual?

It would appear that these days, everybody and their mother is coming out as bisexual. Which, to be clear, is great. Live your bisexual lives, people! Enjoy the pain, the chaos, and the humor of all that goes into bisexual culture. From Diplo and Lauv coming out as “not not gay” (lol) to last year’s green velvet couch revelations involving Emily Ratajkowski and Shay Mitchell, we just might be entering a new age of nonchalant bisexuality. And that’s pretty cool!

If you happened to catch the latest ep of “Who Weekly,” for instance, you might have been surprised to learn that iconic 2000s fedora influencer Jason Mraz is bisexual, and has been out since 2018. News to me!

But there’s a reason you might not have known about Mraz’s coming out: in 2018, the “The Remedy” tunesmith wrote an open letter that ran on Billboard. Mraz’s letter ran alongside a number of prominent celebs voicing support for young queer folks during Pride. Mraz’s letter included a perhaps purposeful misspelling in the phrase “I’m bi your side/All ways.” Still, this didn’t exactly count as a true coming out. A month later, Mraz clarified that he’d had sexual encounters with men, and considered himself “two-spirit.”

Now this didn’t sit right with folks for a number of reasons: first off, the phrase two-spirit refers specifically to a type of gender identity used by Indigenous Americans, and shouldn’t be co-opted by white members of the queer community. Secondly, Mraz’s wording added to the confusion: he spoke about identifying with a two-spirit identity—which refers to multi-gender identification as well as gender fluidity—to discuss his bisexuality.

 “My wife laid it out for me,” he explained, after having a conversation about his sexuality with his then-wife, Christina Carano. “She calls it ‘two-spirit,’ which is what the Native Americans call someone who can love both man and woman. I really like that.”

So yeah…that’s not exactly correct on any front. A few months later, after protests from the queer Indigenous community, Mraz clarified that he identified simply as bisexual in a New York Post interview.

Fast forward to 2021, when Mraz posted a TikTok reminding us that he has had, and perhaps continues to have, boyfriends.

So why is all this coming up now? Well, after the Pride-season release of his rainbow-colored Jessie Ware-esque album Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride, he told the Advocate that he’s “done” with being presumed hetero.

“I will admit that I probably spent the first close to 20 years of my career just broadcasting as hetero,” the singer explained. “You know, saying ‘girl’ in my songs, and a lot of that is growing up on a conservative street. And growing up around homophobia and feeling like I needed to protect some secret.”

So there you have it. Jason Mraz is bisexual, and he wants the world to know.

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