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Bad Bunny shut down fan theories with this thirst trap

Here’s why Bad Bunny‘s latest thirst trap shut down this fan theory.

San Benito isn’t afraid to randomly drop a thirst trap and leave fans in a frenzy. And the “Monaco” rapper did just that over the weekend. But now fans are mourning this particular fantasy about Bad Bunny being thrown out the window.

Bad Bunny posted a selfie to his Instagram Stories with a buzzcut, beard, and cinched for the gods in a black corset with the caption in Spanish “No puedo respirar,” translated to “I can’t breathe. Did we mention he stripped down to his skivvies? Well, eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice something about the 30-year-old rapper that answered an outstanding question about him.

Fans are crying out as they’re assuming that the Puerto Rican rapper maybe not be “cut,” after taking a peak at his latest selfie. The discourse is flying around the internet. While others are caught up the in the rap beef between Drake, Rick Ross, and Kendrick Lamar, Bad Bunny fans are focusing on his bulge.

Some fans are sharing their sadness over this VPL photo.

But then there are fans celebrating Bad Bunny’s selfie and the alleged cut discovery.

Other fans wanted to remind folks how anatomy works and that not everything may be what it seems underneath Bad Bunny’s briefs.

Then other fans, like RuPaul’s Drag Race alum, Salina EsTitties, were more concerned with his corset. Is Bad Bunny about to be “Drag Bunny” again?

Seeing is believing and while we’ve all gotten close to seeing Bad Bunny’s (redacted), his thirst traps still leave us wanting more. He previously blessed us with bathtub outtakes from his Jacquemus photoshoot earlier in February. And last year, the world was steady trying to brighten their phone screens after he dropped a shower selfie.

Regardless of where fans land on the Bad Bunny discourse, they’re still grateful for this weekend blessing.

Hey, Bad Bunny’s eyes are up here.

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