Getting Dirrty in Vegas

Christina Aguilera’s new Vegas show has us hyped for these other gay icons’ residencies

From Xtina to Kylie to Gaga, Las Vegas is the place to be for popheads.

Christina Aguilera is the latest pop diva to announce a residency in Vegas. The “Genie In a Bottle” singer will take the stage at the Voltaire Belle de Nuit at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas starting the weekend of New Years Eve, performing hit songs from her decades-long career.

“I look forward to bringing Las Vegas a new show that fuses music, sophistication, and art in ways I have never performed before,” Aguilera said in a statement. “What I love about the intimacy at Voltaire at The Venetian Resort is how up-close-and-personal I can be with the audience … a truly modern twist on the performance experience.”

With this new residency, Aguilera joins the ranks of Sin City’s resident pop stars. She’ll be sharing the Voltaire with Kylie Minogue, whose residency at the new venue begins on November 3. She’ll no doubt be bringing hits like “Padam Padam” from her new album Tension, along with fan favorites from her epic career like “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.”

Then there’s Lady Gaga, who recently teased that her Vegas residency could become permanent. She recently wrapped her latest Vegas show, “Jazz + Piano,” which featured both American songbook standards and stripped down, jazzier versions of Gaga’s hits. Clearly, Gaga loves this performance style: she recently shared that she could stay happy on a Vegas stage forever.

“We’re gonna make a contract. Everybody on this stage will be here forever, we’ll do it,” Gaga said during a recent “Jazz + Piano” concert. “I’m not kidding. I make a lot of jokes on this stage. This is not one of them.”

Meanwhile, some wildly successful residencies are set to close very soon. Both Katy Perry’s “Play” and Adele’s “Weekends with Adele” are set to close on November 4, after 80 shows and 68 shows respectively.

Those closings, while tragic, do mean there’s room on Las Vegas’ stages for new residencies from the rest of our favorite gay icons.

So, who’s on the wishlist? The legendary diva Cher is rumored to be returning to Vegas for her fourth residency in 2024, for starters, hitting the stage for the first time since 2020.

Beyoncé hasn’t had a Vegas residency since 2009, meaning albums including Renaissance, Lemonade, BEYONCÉ, and 4 have yet to get the Vegas treatment they so desperately deserve. She’s fresh off the Renaissance World Tour — why not bring the show, ballroom performers and all, to a Vegas stage?

Then there are the ladies who’ve yet to try out the residency lifestyle. Imagine what icons like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, or Rihanna could do with the format. Hopefully, if the trend of gay icons heading to Vegas continues, we won’t have to imagine for long.

Tickets for Christina Aguilera’s opening dates at Voltaire will be available October 13.

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