Doechii rules the swamp, the stage, and the world

With lyrics like “Who the f*ck is that? B*tch, it’s me,” and “I am the huntress, I am the queen,” American rapper Doechii has always shown us just how confident and persuasive she can be. Captivating audiences with her percussive beats and dynamic flow, mixing rhythm with poetic lyrics, and creating a lane uniquely her own, Doechii has continued to embody bold fun and powerful play through her artistry.

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, the now 25-year-old artist (real name Jaylah Ji’mya Hickmon) proved to be a natural talent, taking up creative mediums like ballet, acting, tap dancing and more early on in her childhood. It wouldn’t be until high school, when she discovered her love of poetry and rapping, that she would lay the foundation for her budding career.

Her debut EP Oh the Places You’ll Go released in 2020, followed by EP Bra-Less (2021) and singles “Wat U Sed” (2021), “Crazy” (2022), and breakout hit “Persuasive” (2022), which was nominated for Push Performance of The Year at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. She went on to win Best Choreography in a Video for the “Crazy” music video at the 2022 UK Music Video Awards, and in 2023, she received the Rising Star Award at Billboard’s Women in Music event. 

Gracing the covers of Allure, Interview Magazine, and more, collaborating with fellow Floridian rapper JT, and rocking brands like Dion Lee and Tommy Hilgfiger, Doechii has continued to be a girl who can truly do it all. With her 2023 nomination for Outstanding Breakthrough Artist at GLAAD’s 2023 Media Awards, Doechii gifted us not only her unique flair, but the impact of her queer identity, which for her took some time to share. 

“I always knew that I was queer, and I was bisexual. But I didn’t really feel comfortable talking about it, because nobody around me was gay,” Doechii told GQ in 2022. “It’s not like I was hiding it — but I also wasn’t fully embracing it. I just started indulging myself with more friends who were like me. And that’s when I could become more comfortable talking about it, because that’s my normal everyday conversation now with my gay friends.”

Now at the top of her game, on everyone’s lips, and on everyone’s stereo, the self-proclaimed Swamp Princess sets her sights on more than just making music: after running the world as an artist, Doechii plans to explore her potential to do anything and everything under the sun.

“I used to want to make music to express myself. Then I had a stage where I just wanted to put music out. Now I’m in a position where I want to win,” Doechii told Allure on the heels of releasing her summer anthem “What It Is (Block Boy)” in 2023. “I just needed to love myself as an artist and now that I do, I want to be the best. I want to touch the charts and I want to get the accolades and I want to do the artist thing, and then I want to quit. I’ll probably move on. Maybe I’ll direct, start doing sports, have a farm. Maybe I’ll go back to school. I never went to college. Live in the dorm. Raise my kids. Travel. Who knows?”

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