Gia Woods is driven by love and lust in ‘Your Engine’

*Photo Credit: Brian Ziff

Gia Woods is back with a new chapter in her life and a new project to match. The Persian pop star is leaning more into her heritage as she traverses through love, lust, ambition, and heartbreak in her new EP Your Engine. For Woods, each person’s engine represents their “life’s deepest motivations and desires” and Woods has plenty of them that she dives into with the EP’s title track.

The bold, synth-laden bop is an ear worm that has Woods declaring her undying loyalty (and submission) to a person who makes her feel electric tension. Throw in a few driving innuendos, women in biker gear, and Euphoria‘s Chloe Cherry as a love interest, and the music video is sapphic sensation. INTO spoke with Woods about her new single “Your Engine,” how a particular Madonna album is her go-to “pick-me-up,” and how Nicole Kidman would be the ultimate music video love interest.

How would you describe this new era of Gia Woods?

I named this album Your Engine, but it’s a pretty obvious metaphor for “your pussy.” What does your engine crave? What does your pussy want? Is it sex? Is it money? Is it power? Mine was more internal, “What drives me? What gets me off?” I’m definitely a concept kind of girl, and this EP really focuses on the forces that turn us on and get our motor running.

You collaborated with Euphoria’s Chloe Cherry for your music video for “Your Engine.” Who are some other dream collaborators you have in mind?

It would be a dream come true if Nicole Kidman was my love interest in a music video. She’s one of my favorite actresses. Ever since I saw her in Moulin Rouge, I fell in love. Musically, I’d die if I could collab with Daft Punk.

What do you think queer pop culture needs more of now? 

Sex. We’ve got a lot of visibility as far as queer artists who are killing it, but I just wish it wasn’t always this “made-for-Hallmark” kind of “love-is-love” stuff? Troye Sivan is killing it for the boys, but I want some slutty, girl-on-girl action. Is that too much to ask?!

Plenty of your fans use your music as their go-to “pick-me-up.” What’s your go-to song or album when you need a “pick-me0up” and why?

[Madonna’s] Confessions on a Dance Floor! That album is timeless and will always be one of my favorite dance albums, period! It always just takes me back to my 9-year-old self and listening to the album on repeat on my sister’s radio as she’d get all glammed up. It always made me fantasize about a future version of me where I’m confident and living my best life.

If you could describe your upcoming EP Your Engine with three words, what would they be and why?

Oily, fast, and electric. This project touches on all the things that drive me, and these words were constantly in my head as I was writing the project. I just knew how I wanted every song to sound and how the imagery would emulate that.

Woods’ EP Your Engine is out now. Check out the video for “Your Engine” below.

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