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Did You Spot This ‘The Other Two’ Easter Egg in Last Night’s “Gay Glob” Episode?

Last night’s “Space, the Final Frontier” episode of The Other Two showcased some very familiar names in tweets, following Cary Dubek’s buzzworthy fictional casting as Globby in Disney’s Haunted Buddies 4—their “first unapologetically gay character.”

Now, we won’t spill any major tea about the episode here, but we simply must dish about a little Easter egg that we spotted.

The scenes we’re fixated on are part of a montage showcasing Cary’s press circuit after the groundbreaking news sends the internet into a frenzy. And naturally, gloriously gay Cary made headlines on all your favorite LGBTQ+ media sites!

The Other Two Easter egg in “Space, the Final Frontier”

The Other Two Easter egg tweets from Out, The Advocate, and Them exclaiming "Cary Dubek is Disney's First Unapologetically Gay Character!"

“Cary Dubek is Disney’s First Unapologetically Gay Character!” each of the tweets that flash on the screen reads. But it’s the mysterious Bitlinks trailing behind each headline that have us gagging…

Being the curious and marketing-savvy queen that I am, I naturally paused the scene, whipped out my phone, and worked my way through each link to see what happened.

And honey, brace yourself, because each of those short-links led to different Wikipedia pages related to The Other Two!

  • Out’s Bitlink takes you to Heléne Yorke’s page, our queen who plays Cary’s sister Brooke. (
  • The Advocate’s Bitlink transports you to The Other Two’s main show page. (
  • Them’s Bitlink leads to Drew Tarver’s page—Cary Dubek, aka Globby, himself! (
  • Gay Times’ Bitlink serves up Molly Shannon’s page, who slays as Pat, the fierce Dubek matriarch! (
  • The Washington Blade’s whisks you to Brandon Scott Jones, a writer, co-producer, and actor who plays Curtis Paltrow in the show. (
  • Queerty’s directs you to the dashing Josh Segarra, who plays Lance, Brooke Dubek’s main squeeze. (, and
  • Towleroad’s points you to Ken Marino who plays Streeter, the whacky music manager who romances Pat. (

But what about Chase Dubek?

The Other Two Easter egg tweets from Gay Times, Washington Blade, Queerty, Towleroad, and Bay Area Reporter exclaiming "Cary Dubek is Disney's First Unapologetically Gay Character!"

We’re not sure if it was an accident or not, but Bay Area Reporter’s link doesn’t seem to go anywhere (

If I were to take a wild guess, I’d say it would’ve gone to Case Walker’s Wikipedia page—the actor who plays the younger brother, Chase Dubek, in the show.

Alas, upon further sleuthing, it turns out Case doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, so that might explain the broken Bitlink.

Get your binge on with The Other Two on Max

If you haven’t already dived into the third season of The Other Two, it’s high time you catch up by streaming it on Max. We’re living for the queer energy and guest stars pulsating through this show, and last night’s episode didn’t disappoint.

Those sneaky Bitlinks were so masterfully hidden yet meaningful. It’s clear that the producers put their heart and soul into every detail of the show.

We can only hope for more brilliant moments like this as we continue to follow Cary Dubek and the rest of the Dubek crew on their fun and chaotic journeys!

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