This comic just dragged Moms for Liberty in the most hilarious way

Ultra-Christian groups love to stand behind the Bible as the one and only text worthy of being taught in schools. But as most of us know, the good book is far from G-rated. In fact, it’s a famously spicy text—much spicier, in fact, than most of the LGBTQ+ books that are being banned nationwide as part of the right’s ongoing campaign to erase queer and trans people from existence (and history.)

Which is, you know, pretty hypocritical! That’s why comedian Walter Masterson decided to drag the anti-gay group Moms for Liberty in the best way possible; by pointing out the past of the Bible that are absolutely NSFW, and most definitely not safe for kids of school age. In the process, he’s reminding us that the Bible can be downright traumatic to read, far moreso than George M. Johnson’s coming-of-age memoir “All Boys Aren’t Blue” or Maia Kobabe’s autobiographical “Genderqueer,” aka the most banned book in America.

Describing the Bible as a violent text that promotes mass killing and aims to indoctrinate children (spot on, tbh), Masterson spoke at a school meeting for the Central Bucks school district in Doylestown, Pennsylvania last week to point out the hypocrisy of school book bans.

Masterson read aloud some of the more controversial points of the Old Testament, including a truly unhinged passage about slavery, the part where Moses gets rubbed with his son’s own bloody foreskin, and God’s decision to wipe out the human race save for Noah and all the animals that can fit on his ark.

In other words: Veggie Tales eat sh*t! These stories are violent and always have been. And it’s never been about protecting children—Moms of Liberty is a hate group, pure and simple.

But the best part is to be found in the expressions of the parents seated at the meeting—eyes rolling, faces of utter disgust pulled, and Christian moms looking like they’re about to hurl.

What can we say? Payback is, indeed, sweet.

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