Great, Yet Another Violently TERF-y Op-Ed Has Surfaced

BBC “News” is once again forcing us to bring out the air quotes. The media outlet is facing significant backlash after publishing an article suggesting that trans women are preying on lesbians as a result of trans activism. Its principal source of evidence is a social media survey which only eighty people responded to.

The survey was organized and distributed by Angela C. Wild, co-founder of Get the L Out, a group who in 2019 interrupted London’s pride parade with protest signs reading “Transactivism Erases Lesbians.”

In publishing the results, the BBC article’s author Caroline Lowbridge admits it does not reflect evidence of a widespread issue. She writes, “While acknowledging the sample may not be representative of the wider lesbian community, [Wild] believes it was important to capture their ‘points of view and stories.’” In other words, the whole purpose behind this article is a resounding Just asking questions.

The hearsay and anecdotes that the article presents in service of transphobic fearmongering has led almost anyone with eyes to describe it as propaganda. This includes journalists speaking out against the BBC’s evident lack of standards.

Guardian columnist and left-wing commentator Owen Jones created a thread of past examples (including from the BBC) in which lesbians were demonised as sexual predators in much the same way.

Pollster Joe Twyman condemned the use of a social media poll in journalism, inviting readers to consider the outrage if the topic had been about Brexit.

Complaints like these and more were chorused across Twitter in a general outpouring of frustration against the BBC.

Even more damning is the fact the article comes out just days after a similarly transphobic piece for CBC by “gender-critical trans woman” Jessica Triff. Triff herself tweeted that her ex-wife was part of the “study.”

It’s also no mistake that these op-eds are surfacing after Dave Chappelle’s aggressively transphobic special was released two weeks ago. For those of us who want to go a step beyond venting, complain directly to the BBC here.

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