Lauren Boebert mocks Pete Buttigieg for being a gay dad after he roasts her online

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert attempted to clap back at Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg yesterday by falling back on anti-queer bigotry. 

Earlier this week, Boebert made a post bragging about securing funds for a new bridge project for her state. Many expressed surprise at this given Boebert voted against the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal passed by Congress in November 2021. 

Boebert posted a message on X saying, “Great meeting with Glenwood Springs City Councilor and former Mayor Jonathan Godes. We have secured over $51.4 million for the South Bridge. 

“Was thrilled to hear about nearly $30 million in costs savings in addition and that my support has helped make this project a reality.”

The post quickly attracted a community note explaining, “Boebert hasn’t secured 51.4 million dollars for this bridge. The money came from a Biden-Harris grant that is part of the “Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program”, which itself is a part of the ‘Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’ which Boebert voted against.”

Among those to call her out was none other than Pete Buttigieg, from his official Transportation Secretary account. 

“Congresswoman, in what way do you believe that your support helped this project?” Buttigieg asked. “We chose it because it’s a good project, and funded it using President Biden’s infrastructure package, which you voted against.”

Buttigieg’s tweet has had almost 80k likes. 

“Maybe you were out chest-feeding”

It appears Boebert couldn’t resist firing back… mocking Buttigieg as an LGBTQ+ dad. 

“Mayor Pete, maybe you were out chest-feeding and missed my letter, but I personally wrote you about this in June 2022,” she said. 

“Only 13 RINOs in the House voted for your Green New Deal non-infrastructure bill you are touting that wastes hundreds of millions on climate change instead of roads and bridges. 

“And infrastructure grants have been doled out by administrations on both sides for decades so don’t act like you are the sole provider of this funding.”

Boebert included a letter she wrote to Buttigieg in mid-2022 extolling the virtues of funding for the bridge. Many were quick to point out that this was several months after she unsuccessfully tried to sink the Infrastructure bill. 

Others picked up on her use of the term “chest-feeding”. 

Pete Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten, became fathers to adopted twins Joseph “Gus” August and Penelope Rose in August 2021. Some Republicans mocked Pete at the time for taking some paternal leave when he became a dad. 

Chest-feeding is a gender-neutral term used by some regarding trans people who lactate and produce milk for their offspring. There has never been any indication or suggestion Pete nor Chasten (two gay men) did this with their kids… but Boebert’s not one to let things such as facts cloud her judgment. 

As pointed out to Boebert by many online.

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