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The White House just dragged Lauren Boebert in the best way possible

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert issued a press release this week bragging about investment money she helped bring to her state.

The far-right lawmaker said, “I’m thrilled that Colorado communities in the Third [district] will receive more than $20 million to get 10 local water and infrastructure projects off the ground.”

She said her “10 community funding requests were signed into law” as part of HR 4366.

She failed to mention the fact she voted against the Infrastructure Bill which made the funding possible.

The $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal passed in November 2021. The White House described it it at the time as “a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure and competitiveness.”

At the time, Boebert described it as “wasteful” and “garbage.” However, once it passed, she supported her district’s local applications for funding.

The official White House social media account on X was quick to remind her of this fact yesterday.

“Congresswoman Lauren Boebert voted against this funding,” it said, re-sharing a tweet from her celebrating the cash injection into her state.

Boebert has not responded to the tweet from the White House.

Lauren Boebert fights to remain in Congress

Boebert represents Colorado’s 3rd District. Her anti-LGBTQ, American First grandstanding has not endeared her to local voters.

Facing a tough re-election fight there, she announced in December her plans to switch to District 4. Represented by Ken Buck, observers regard the 4th District as a safer GOP seat.

Buck had announced his plan to step down at the end of his term. However, earlier this month he shocked the House by announcing he was quitting this week.

This throws Boebert’s plans to take over his seat into disarray. She has already stated she will not resign her 3rd District seat to stand in the special election to replace Buck, but will still participate in the primary to run in November. It’s unknown if whoever wins the special election and replaces Buck, if a Republican, will also run for re-election in November.

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