Report: Is the White House Ignoring Questions from LGBTQ Media?

Does LGBTQ media not have a voice at the White House?

According to the Washington Blade’s White House correspondent, Chris Johnson, the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has “iced out” the Blade from asking questions.

Johnson relayed to readers that he had not been picked to ask a question since May, during the transition from former press secretary Sean Spicer, who Johnson said often called on the Blade.

“I see Sanders look directly at me as I raise my hand for a question, but she nonetheless skips me for another reporter, usually from a conservative, Trump-friendly outlet like Breitbart or Newsmax,” Johnson writes in the Blade.

Johnson called the White House’s policy on speaking to the Blade a “stark contrast” to the engaged effort to speak with the LGBTQ media outlet during the Obama years.

Johnson originally chalked it up to having more reporters in the room than in the previous administration. But, the Blade reports, after the outlet contacted Sanders, she reneged on a promise to call on Johnson at the next briefing.

“LGBT Americans deserve to have our questions answered at the White House regardless of which administration is in power and the freezing out of our publication must stop,” Johnson wrote.

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