Roy Moore Was Banned from His Local Alabama Mall for Creeping on Teen Girls

Roy Moore, the extremely homophobic Alabama senate nominee who was the subject of a recent Washington Post article about his amorous relationships with teenage girls while in his thirties, has a few more bones in his closet, it seems.

The former Alabama judge, who was ousted from the state’s Supreme Court, used to follow teen girls around his local mall in Gadsden, Alabama, according to a report in the New Yorker. According to the report, over a dozen people, including a “major political figure in the state,” said that they had all heard about Moore being banned from his local mall because he “badgered teenage girls.” The collection of people include “people in the local legal community, two cops who worked in the town, several people who hung out at the mall in the early eighties and a number of former mall employees.”

Earlier this week, New Yorker points out, the independent Alabama journalist Glynn Wilson posted an article on his website that claims Moore was banned from the mall and the local YMCA for soliciting young girls for sex.

One former mall employee, Greg Legat, said he saw Moore there a few times, even though he knew Moore was banned.

“It started around 1979, I think,” Legat told the New Yorker. “I know the ban was still in place when I got there.” Legat said that a police officer who worked at the mall told Legat to alter him if Moore entered the mall, as he was banned. Legat said his boss also told him to keep a lookout for Moore.

Another law enforcement official told the New Yorker that Moore was “cruising the mall for high-school dates” and that he was “maybe not legally banned, but run off” from the mall several times. Another officer said a friend told him Moore was, indeed, banned.

Photography:Wes Frazer/Getty Images

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