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This guy asked his hookup to be his therapist, and the gays aren’t having it

Getting therapy is an important part of self-care. Sometimes, a good hookup can boost your mental health, too. But mixing the two? That’s a recipe for mess, and the latest gay internet drama proves it.

The discourse began when X user J (@olejar_) posted about an illicit affair that took place in a therapist’s office. “How do I ask the therapist that just sucked me off in his office if he is taking new clients without being weird??” J asked his followers.

His post was immediately met with replies telling him that he should forget the whole thing. A therapist sleeping with their client would not only undermine the point of therapy, but is also completely unethical (not to mention illegal in some states).

But that didn’t stop J from asking to take the relationship to the next level, as he proved with a screenshot from cruising app Sniffies.

“Are you accepting new clients??” he asked his hookup, who replied, “Hey. I don’t mix business with pleasure sir.”

“Haha that’s totally fair but I thought I’d try,” J sent back, bringing an end to the possibility of getting therapy from his hookup — but only feeding the discourse he’d already set in motion.

Lots of folks doubled down on the inappropriateness of the whole situation, saying that if J’s goal was not to be “weird” as per his original post, he was failing miserably.

Others thought the whole affair could’ve been kept private, and that J was merely farming for engagement on X.

And plenty of people pointed out that, given J’s behavior, seeking a therapist probably is a good idea — just not one you’ve already hooked up with.

One user even pretended to be the therapist, getting their own viral post in the process.

Meanwhile, some folks were just curious about getting in on the action. Did J think his hookup would actually make a good therapist? Now, we’ll never know.

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