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Do gays have better memes than straight people?

The internet is sounding off on whether gays have better memes.

Thanks to social media, the internet is full of hilarious content. While millennials ushered in memes and gifs, Gen Z continues to build upon them. And within those generations are the gays who elevate them, according to this X (formerly Twitter) user.

X user (@__aniiyahh__) asked an important question “Why the f*ck gay people always got meme videos and pictures??????!!!”

Do the gays run the internet or are we just chronically online? Well, culture is, in many ways, developed and elevated by queer people. Just look at slang.

Just because a straight TikToker says “slay” and “gag” online doesn’t mean that they have ownership of the words, let alone created them. And as history shows, LGBTQ+ people have been at the forefront of fashion, music, and art. So why not internet culture, memes included?

Well, what did the gays have to say? Well, some were trying to hide from the truth.

One person thought this was a question for “management.”

Some chocked it up to gays just wanting to have fun.

Then some gays wondered why the question was even posed at all. If gays don’t run the internet, then who will?

Others think the world isn’t ready for the “real” answer.

But maybe the answer is simpler than that. Perhaps it’s just a fabulous part of being a card-carrying member of the LGBTQ+ community?

Either way, the question isn’t about why we have the best collection of memes and gifs, but rather, “do you want to laugh?” If the answer is “yes,” then let the gays do their work on Beyoncé’s internet.

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