You Can't Read The Doll

Here’s why fans want Chucky to guest judge on ‘Drag Race’

With the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars almost upon us, were you wondering who the famous evil doll Chucky was rooting for? No? Too bad; he told us anyway.

Chucky’s interest in the show was piqued by the show’s latest viral meme, which stemmed from All Stars 9 contestant Roxxxy Andrews’ new entrance line. After strutting into the werkroom, she hits a pose and says, “Baby, you can’t read the doll!”

In the days since the clip came out, it’s already been memed into oblivion. Fans have been repurposing the clip for wild made-up scenarios, remixing the audio into brand new words and phrases, and generally living for Roxxxy’s undeniable iconicity.

Now, Chucky himself is getting in on the action. On X, he reposted the clip with the caption, “bby, you can’t k*ll this doll,” along with a knife emoji. Clearly, he’s rooting for Roxxxy to bring home the crown.

It didn’t take log for Roxxxy to reply. “Omg CHUCKYYYYY! I’m dyinggggg,” she wrote. Now this is two queens coming together to maximize their joint slay.

Now, Drag Race fans are calling for Chucky to guest judge on the show. But would Chucky actually accept the gig? “They can’t afford me,” he wrote in reply to a fan.

This saga is far from Chucky’s first brush with queerness. Who could forget his iconic delivery of the word “genderfluid” in the Chucky TV series, talking about his child Glen/Glenda?

The Child’s Play franchise was also started by a gay man, Don Mancini, who sprinkled queer themes throughout its many movies and current TV show.

Chucky’s even interacted with Drag Race queens before. During the craze for recent horror hit Megan (who many compared to Chucky given their status as evil dolls), Drag Race star Kandy Muse came to his defense.

“I don’t think it’s cool that y’all are disrespecting my b*tch [Chucky] because some new bi*ch named Megan came out of no where and did a cartwheel,” she wrote. “Absolutely not f*ck that b*tch!”

Chucky, naturally, thanked her for her support. “ur a real one,” he wrote in reply.

The new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars premieres May 17 on Paramount+.

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