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This video proves that gays know how to party

· Updated on March 25, 2024

What’s the true difference between gay people and straight people? Beyond who you’re attracted to, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi to queerness that’s difficult to describe — but this viral video just put it into perspective.

The video shows an après-ski — aka, a party in the mountains after skiing — where the crowd is dancing to Ariana Grande’s “Break Free” (an underrated classic). Two figures stand out from the crowd, thanks to climbing onto some elevated surfaces. One is holding a beer and gently waving his hand to the beat. The other is giving a RuPaul’s Drag Race-worthy lip sync performance.

The true difference between these two, though, is that one understands the energy required to take up space on an elevated surface. That is a stage, and it demands a performance.

That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be a dancer — you just have to know how to serve.

But is this really a question of gay versus straight, or just life-of-the-party versus stick-in-the-mud? Some straight folks seem to think it’s the latter.

Or maybe the video is actually showcasing two different flavors of gay. Maybe blue jacket and black sweater are actually boyfriends — or maybe they’re about to see each other across the dance floor and spark a connection. Rom-com writers, take notes!

Regardless, there’s certainly some queer energy at work here. As the video proves, it only takes one gay to take a party to the next level.

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