The TikTok drama between Chris Olsen and Brett Miller, explained

The TikTok gays are fighting!

When it comes to gay men on TikTok, two of the biggest presences are Chris Olsen (Meghan Trainor’s bestie and People’s Sexiest Guy on TikTok in 2020) and Brett Miller (better known as @brettneyspears). Olsen has more than 12 million followers compared to Miller’s 700,000 or so — but that hasn’t stopped Olsen from allegedly copying Miller’s ideas.

The drama started when Miller posted a video sharing that he’d “finally” blocked Olsen (a video he quickly deleted and later clarified was only meant for a select few).

Much of Miller’s most popular content includes using TikTok filters to rank, sort, or otherwise give opinions on Disney characters. He’s not the only content creator to use those filters, of course — but in the deleted video, Miller says he’s noticed a trend of Olsen using the exact same filters he does.

“He’s followed me for, I don’t know, a year and a half, ever since I started making Disney videos,” Miller said of Olsen. “Then he started doing Disney videos. I was like, ‘Okay, that’s fine. I don’t own the genre.’ But when he starts making almost the same videos as me and I get tagged in them all the f*cking time, I get a little triggered, I’m not gonna lie.”

“When someone with literally 10 times your following, literally, starts making videos that you do and doesn’t shout you out at all — that’s fine, he didn’t have to — but it just is really triggering, I don’t know,” he continued.

Hence, Miller blocked Olsen: “I don’t want to do that sh*t anymore. I’m sick of playing in that game. It’s so f*cked,” he said. “Whatever, you can come up with your own f*cking ideas now, dude. You’re on your own.”

Check out a reposted version of the deleted video below.


Brett’s original video of the Chris Olsen and Brett drama regarding video idea theft. #chrisolsen #brett #drama Any thoughts?

♬ original sound – Brooke

Before Miller could delete the video, Olsen gave a response (from a spam account, as his main account was — as established — blocked from interacting with Miller’s content).

“I truly had not seen your video before,” Olsen said, denying the allegations of copying Miller. “I had no idea that me doing the Disney filters bothered you. And I really wish I had at this point. If you had told me any of the times we talked, I’m so willing to listen to anything like that.”

“I understand we do a lot of the same filters, but I’d also seen a lot of other people starting to do them, so I’ve just been inspired by a lot of people — and yes, that totally includes you,” Olsen continued.

“It does make me sad that the first time I’m hearing about your frustration is to a lot of other people,” he pointed out. “I really wish you had reached out, but I’m glad to know. Please consider unblocking me — that sounds so dumb and so lame — but I’d just like to have a conversation about this so I can hear what you’re thinking.”

“I 100% will give you credit on any Disney video I make in the future,” he concluded. “I’m sorry!”

Olsen’s video has also been taken down, but again, other accounts have reposted it to TikTok.


I caught the drama before it was fully deleted. It’s resolved now but incase you missed it. #chrisolsen #brett #drama

♬ original sound – Brooke

The initial videos may be gone, but Miller’s final response to the discourse is still up. Apparently, he and Olsen discussed their drama privately and have buried the hatchet.

“I don’t hate Chris Olsen. Okay? I don’t hate him, Linda,” Miller said. “He can post as many f*cking Disney filter videos as he wants. I don’t own the genre. And I’m not telling him to stop either, so pipe the f*ck down. I personally just don’t want to see it anymore. Is that okay with you? That’s my right as an American, to not want to see certain content.”

“Stop attacking him and stop attacking me. Okay? We’re fine,” he continued. “We DMed about it and we’re cool.”

“This is why I don’t do drama,” Miller reflected. “And yet, Brett, you caused it.”

So, all seems resolved between the two — but any Disney posts from Olsen are likely to be met with side-eye from here on out. 

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