Thanks to Megan Thee Stallion and Tove Lo, the internet has a new meme

Megan Thee Stallion and Tove Lo fans are going down memory lane with this new meme.

Megan and Tove are two of music’s biggest acts. Megan gags her “Hotties” with fire bars and Lo shocks and awes with her raw, grunge-pop. But when these two are not making music, they’re influencing everyone’s meme game.

On Sunday, X user @capibabar shared a picture of a happy couple with one person wearing a shirt that reads “lo” and another with “ve.” When paired together, they make the word “love.” While the intention was cute, the execution in the photo wasn’t quite there, as the couple are seated in reverse, spelling out “ve lo.”

Well, @capibabar posted the photo with the caption “To,” to make a name with the photo. Now, with “To,” the shirt spells out Lo’s stage name “Tove Lo.” The post references when Megan went live on Instagram listening to Lo’s smash hit “Habits (Stay High)” and pronounced Lo’s name as “too-veh-Lo,” followed by saying “period.” You can check out the iconic moment below that’s turned into a meme, over and over again.

Megan wasn’t the only one finding out how to pronounce the Swedish star’s name. Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson aka Tove Lo, stated in an interview with Vulture that the proper pronunciation of her name is “Too-veh Lo,” but internationally, most pronounce it as “Tove Lo.” And she’s well aware of the Megan video too, as she and the “H-Town Hottie” made a TikTok last year to commemorate Megan’s viral moment.

Now, these pop culture layers combine in @capibabar’s post. Of course, the internet took notice, reposting @capibabar’s post with memes of Megan pronouncing Lo’s name, like the magical meme below.

While Megan hasn’t responded yet, Lo got in on the fun with a fabulous one word response.

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