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The internet can’t stop sharing this very “straight” gay man’s videos

In need of your daily dose of queer online comedy? Then look no further than these videos.

Some of our readers might remember cringey grade school moments where kids questioned other students’ sexualities. Whether those students were a part of the LGBTQ+ community or not, the experience is a jarring one.

But content creator Jacarick aka The Softest Bunny is turning a horrible school experience into social media comedy. In response to a comment from a previous TikTok video asking if he was straight, Jacarick had the gayest set of responses in a follow up video.

Now he’s diving deeper into explaining just how straight he is in another video.

“Honey, I am straighter than a pair of chopsticks laying flat on a kitchen table,” he says.

Seems pretty straight.

“Hetero, hetero, hetero, c*nt,” he adds, while voguing.

Now, that does not. Jacarick continues to talk about what he “eats for lunch” (hint: it’s particular genatalia) and how he’s “straighter than the posture of a military solider.”

Not to mention, he adds that “I’ve never even seen a man before. I have no idea what a man looks like, tastes like, or feels like,” even though his mind clearly goes back to some memorable manly experiences when says it.

But no need to ponder over his straightness as Jacarick is, in fact, gay and proud, even though he says “You can’t clock me, sis” in his videos. He’s ecstatic over all all the attention the videos have acquired on Instagram and TikTok.

“My reaction to this video going viral is absolute excitement,” Jacarick said to Queerty. “I’m overwhelmed with joy and people’s reactions are amazing.”

As a content creator, Jacarick continues to light up the internet by refuting his gayness in the funniest way AND leaning into it too in his videos online. Check out more of his videos below, but you’ve warned, you may ROFL after doing so.

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