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Can These Vintage Menswear Ads Get Any Gayer?

· Updated on September 8, 2023

Shopping is often a horrible, painful experience. The overstimulation of the mall, the siren song of the Auntie Anne pretzel kiosk, the fluorescent lights of the H&M changing rooms: who could bear it?

That’s why back in the day people opted to see the clothes they wanted to wear on hotter, more photogenic people. Because fashion, at its best, is a fantasy.

That said, sometimes the fantasy went in some hilariously campy directions. If you’ve ever glanced at an old Sears catalog, you’ve probably noticed there’s something…just a little off about the models, the scenarios, and indeed even the clothing on offer.

Were the people making these ads aware of just how campy they were? There’s no way of knowing. For now, all we can do is enjoy them for what they are: works of art.

Best buds: Also in tall size!

Just me, my best bud, and my powder blue turtleneck.

All the boys love Western wear

A floral pattern, a middle part, and we’re off to the races.

Naughty boys

I don’t know what happened just out of frame, but something tells me it’s horny.

Putting the “tightie” in tightie whities

Nightwear for Nightlife

Look, I’m a fun-loving guy and I want my PJs to reflect that!

A totally normal way to hang out with my pals

Shirtless, with one hand near my d*ck!

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