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Meet Drew Starkey: The Star Playing Daniel Craig’s Lover in Queer

Are you ready to meet one of the hottest actors in Hollywood right now? Look no further than Drew Starkey, the rising star who is always shaking things up! You might recognize him as the badass Rafe Cameron from Outer Banks, but now he’s on his way to becoming a bigger heartthrob of the LGBTQ+ community with his upcoming role as Daniel Craig’s lover in the book-turned-movie, Queer.

Let’s get to know Drew and his journey so far!

Drew Starkey and his rise to fame

Drew was born on November 4, 1993, grew up in North Carolina, and graduated from Western Carolina University. Since then, he quickly made a name for himself in Hollywood. He landed roles in a handful of short films followed by some supporting roles in films like Love, Simon, The Devil All the Time, and Hellraiser.

On the television side, he’s had roles in shows including Ozark, Doom Patrol, and Queen Sugar. But it wasn’t until he landed the role of the hunky yet troubled Rafe in Netflix’s mega-hit series Outer Banks that he truly broke out as an actor.

We love him as Rafe in Outer Banks

If you’re a fan of Outer Banks, you know Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron. Rafe is the eldest son of Ward Cameron and a complicated character who always keeps us guessing. His hypermasculine role and struggles with his father make him a compelling character to watch. Drew Starkey’s portrayal of Rafe truly brings the character to life on screen, and his acting chops are definitely something to be admired.

Drew’s got range!

Although Drew is still rising, his achievements as an actor are already significant. With his upcoming role as Daniel Craig’s onscreen lover in Queer, Drew is set to shatter expectations and show off the range of his talent as an actor. We can’t wait to see how these two heartthrobs will steam up the screen in this upcoming LGBTQ+ drama.

With Luca Guadagnino at the helm, we know this film is going to be as groundbreaking as it is fab!

Making us sweat on the red carpet

Drew Starkey is the kind of actor who knows how to rock the red carpet in style. His outfits never disappoint, and when he takes center stage, he radiates confidence and charm.

drew starkey standing among the main outer banks cast in front of an outer banks 3 backdrop

Drew is currently single

As far as we know, Drew has never addressed his sexuality one way or another, which is totally great. But it’s documented elsewhere online that he’s currently both single and straight.

Regardless, Drew’s also a clear LGBTQ+ ally

Whether or not he’s straight, Drew’s shown that he’s not afraid to play queer roles or act alongside other LGBTQ+ actors. By doing this, he’s sending a powerful message of acceptance and inclusion to the LGBTQ+ community.

Did you also know?

We can’t wrap up our journey through Drew Starkey’s life without mentioning some fun facts about our favorite actor:

The star that is Drew Starkey

Drew Starkey is a talented actor with a heart of gold, and a face that’ll melt chocolate. He’s already making waves in Hollywood, but his upcoming role as Daniel Craig’s lover in Queer is set to make him a bigger-time LGBTQ+ ally and icon.

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