Here’s what happens to gay couples on their tenth anniversary

If you and your partner are coming up on your tenth anniversary, well, this is the direction you can expect your relationship to go, according to the gays.

Relationships aren’t easy, and it’s the same for queer folks. But when they’re good, well, they’re good and then you can celebrate your anniversaries accordingly. While traditional (heteronormative) customs require gifts certain for each anniversary milestone (paper gifts for one year, wood for five years, and aluminum for ten years), gays do things a little differently and this post proved it.

@HoleAndOates tweeted out a post that has the gays in a chokehold and the discourse is even juicier. The posts reads “Gay couples on their tenth anniversary” with an cartoon gay couple stuck at a fork in a road, with one path leading to a picture of a French Bulldog and another leading to an image of gay throuple. Apparently, if you’re celebrating ten years being in a relationship, be prepared to choose one of the two options.

Of course, this is all in jest and as queer folks, we can develop, expand, and fine-tune our relationships however we see fit. But of course, the gays had to weigh in on the post. Let’s dive into some of these queer theories.

Some gays were quick to point out that, regardless of what a couple chooses, a “pup” (reference to the “pup play” kink community) is getting pretty spoiled.

Some folks wanted their cake and to eat it too, wondering why they had to choose between a dog and an additional partner.

Of course the cat gays entered the chat, because not everyone wants a French Bulldog. Some gays would prefer a feline friend instead.

Some gays were submitting their “third” applications.

Then there were gays ready for the IG aftermath, when the couple splits and puppy custody battle ensues.

Others were simply trying to figure how the gays were making it to ten years.

Again, this is all fun and games. So whatever anniversary gift you and your partner(s) decide on, just make sure it’s right for all of you.

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