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The Internet Agrees: Pete Davidson Has He/Him Lesbian Energy

The inexplicably irresistible Pete Davidson is at it again! After a whirlwind romance with Ariana Grande in 2018, the SNL star is now rumored to be dating a freshly-divorced Kim K. She’s even made the trek out to Staten Island to eat at the dude’s favorite meatball emporium! But here’s our main question: is what we thought of (innocently!) in 2018 as “big dick energy” is actually just Sapphic prowess?

I mean, the dude has the kind of game that only lesbians possess. There are a few theories circulating online right now: on November 1, essayist Sloane Crosley tweeted out a tantalizing realization: 

And yet, this doesn’t fully explain why Davidson is catnip to the ladies. Sure, being an active listener helps, but there’s definitely something more to the Davidson allure than that. INTO contributor Rax Will possibly put it best, tweeting:

Straight women are desperate for lesbian relationships! It’s been proven! And we’re not the only ones to see more than a soupçon of gayness in this dynamic:

We all want what he/him has!

Representation matters, people!

DON’T erase us!

Swimming. In. Pussy.

Let’s just tell it like it is:

That would just be…Pete Davison?

A stud, to be sure

Well I think we’ve made a convincing case here! SNL now has three openly-gay cast members, because I said so!

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