These women saved gay people’s lives

Heroism comes in many forms. That goes for the gays, too, who know that life-saving figures come in all shapes and sizes — but they’re usually women, usually camp, and always iconic.

Over the weekend, the gays took to social media to share the fierce feminine characters that shaped their lives (and senses of humor). The meme format is simple: “Gay people are like ‘she saved my life’ and it’s _________.” Simply fill in the blank and attach a picture of said life-saver.

Plenty of folks turned to their childhoods for inspiration. Some life-savers come from animated movies and TV shows…

…and some come from those sweet, sweet Disney Channel Original Movies. (It’s not too late to make a Sky High sequel, by the way. We’d still tune in.)

Others turned to slightly darker genres, like horror. These ladies may be scary, but that doesn’t mean they can’t save lives. The term “ladies” might be generous here: one of them is Mothra. But Mothra is a female kaiju! Look it up.

Some folks looked not to film but to the annals of meme history for their heroes.

But far and away the most popular category of life-savers is fabulous, comedic divas. Clue? The Parent Trap? Matilda? They’d all be nothing without these queens — and us such, we owe them our lives.

One life-saving lady herself even chimed into the conversation: Halle Berry, who’s mothered in every performance of her career. This praise in particular was for her performance as Catwoman. She responded with a salute emoji, and we do, indeed, thank her for her service.

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