This new ‘Drag Race’ meme will have you LOL’ing

Mama, kudos to Plane Jane for saying that. For spilling.

By “that,” we’re referring, of course, to the drag queen’s newest iconic phrase on the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Plane Jane — whose name shortens to Plane, not Jane, by the way — has become notorious among the cast of Season 16 for her blunt, borderline mean way of speaking. But her newest catchphrase comes not from a vicious read, but from a heartfelt moment with one of her sisters.

Before hitting the runway in Episode 11, fellow contestant Q opened up to Plane Jane about her HIV status.

“I have also been HIV-positive for like two years now,” Q revealed while doing her makeup. “When I first got my diagnosis, I felt really lost and super alone.”

Time for the heartfelt response from Plane: “Mama, kudos for saying that. For spilling.”

To her credit, Plane was being absolutely genuine when responding to Q — but the use of gay slang in such a vulnerable moment caught the internet’s attention.

Now, the phrase has become the gays’ new favorite meme. It works in just about any situation, from iconic coming out scenes…

…to modern camp favorites like Barbie, The White Lotus, and Madame Web.

The format transcends genre, fitting right into dramas…

…musical theater…

…and even horror.

It can even cross over with other memes to create something truly special.

Plane herself responded to the chaos, citing social awkwardness for her word choice.

“Idk I meant it sincerely,” Plane wrote. “Very proud of Q for sharing her status publicly on national television. That isn’t to say that I’m not severely socially impaired tho but I think we’ve all clocked that by now.”

Much love to both Q and Plane for being their true, genuine selves — and for giving us the latest and greatest in meme material.

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