Ryans Gonna Ryan

What is a ‘Ryan,’ and why are the gays obsessed?

The gays of the internet have discovered a strange phenomenon, and it all boils down to one person: Ryan.

Who is Ryan? He’s everyone. He’s no one. He’s a part of every gay friend group, he’s as basic as they come, and he’s your worst ever boyfriend. He’s the quintessential queer man — and if you don’t know a Ryan, you probably are one.

Ryan was first identified by influencer Adam Moussa, who noticed many of his peers on X seemed fixated on the archetypal gay. “Free my community from the vice grip of Ryanposting,” he wrote, accompanied by screenshots of four posts, each highlighting a different Ryan-ism.

One of Ryan’s biggest traits, it seems, is getting lost in the club. “Gay nightlife is roughly 23 minutes of dancing and 87 asking where Ryan went,” posted one user, whose replies were then filled with stories about the Ryans of various gay friend groups.

Other activities Ryan gets up to include kissing other boys (sometimes even other Ryans) and throwing birthday parties that suck up everyone’s free time.

Ryan isn’t all fun and games, though. He’s also responsible for some very toxic situationships — which, like the name Ryan, are all too common in the gay community.

Meanwhile, the gays who are actually named Ryan have just discovered that it makes them even gayer than they thought. 

Where did Ryan come from? Why is he the go-to scapegoat for every hypothetical gay situation? Who’s to say — but he’ll forever be a legend. Fly high, Ryan. Fly high.

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