The Internet is obsessed with this adorable Broadway couple

When it comes to musical theater, one couple’s viral love story proves romance can happen on and off the stage.

Christopher and Clay Rice-Thomson are two Broadway performers who also happen to be husbands. When they were stopped on the street by the popular TikTok account Meet Cutes NYC, they were more than happy to tell the world the story of how they fell in love.

The Rice-Thomsons met 12 years ago at an audition for a national tour of West Side Story, which they both booked, putting them in very close quarters.

“We went on the road together, we were roommates, and then we fell in love,” Christopher said. “We’ve been together over 12 years.” 

“He asked me out on 11/11/11,” he continued, showing off a tattoo of the number 11 on his forearm before prompting Clay to do the same. Their matching tattoos also commemorate their wedding anniversary, which is also on November 11.

“He was straight, and then he was not straight,” Clay added to the story. “And here we are, 12 years later.”

Next, the two each shared what they love the most about each other.

“His dad jokes,” Clay said of Christopher. “He’s silly, and we just like to travel together and be silly together.”

“I like the way he makes people feel, including myself,” Christopher said about Clay. “He brightens up any room he walks into. People at work call him Miss Congeniality. He’s just the sweetest, and he makes me a better person in every way.”

Finally, the two shared advice for any other couples who, like them, are in the same career field.

“Take out the competitiveness and just be a cheerleader for each other,” Christopher advised. “We’ve even auditioned for parts that are the same role in the same show. When one of us gets it, yeah, sure, there’s disappointment involved, but it’s less disappointing if you could be a cheerleader for your person, and a win for one of us is a win for both of us.”

“The paycheck comes home either way, you know?” Clay added.

Folks across the internet were immediately obsessed, saying that the two were “ literally made for each other” and living for their quick wit.

Some folks also recognized Christopher and Clay for their proposal, which happened just over six years ago. In a video that’s since garnered more than 1.4 million views, Christopher proposed to Clay with a flash mob — a fitting display of love for two people who live and breathe musical theater.

Now, more than four years into their marriage, they’re as adorable (and smitten) as ever.

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