‘Bad Ally’ Centers a Trans and Black Femme Friendship Based On The Stars’ Real Lives

A new web series aims to tell the story of an important friendship between a white, non-binary trans femme actor and a Black cisgender, straight woman writer. Bad Ally is the show for millennialor “femmillennial”friendships.

Creators Ariel Mahler and Daquisha Jones also star as the lead characters, Mix and Harriet, based on the pair’s real life relationship. The first episode of the series, “Everything is Problematic,” shows Mix and Harriet going to a marketing mixer, attempting to network. The interactions they face are comedic versions of the very real microaggressions that Black and trans folks get all the time.

Harriet ends up talking to some white lady about her vegan blog. The woman wants Harriet to write for her blog so she can develop a “multicultural” audience, telling Harriet that there’s no compensation, but there will be “exposure.” Mix, on the other hand, has to deal with people questioning and laughing at her name.

“This specific story, the friendship between characters like Mix and Harriet, is one that has never been seen before,” said Ariel Mahler in a statement. “Authentic representation is such an important part of this media revolution, and we’re so thrilled to consider ourselves part of that.”

“In a world this ridiculous, it’s important to hold your friendships close,” said Jones, “especially the friendships that challenge you and add nuance to your life. Harriet and Mix have that very friendship, and we can’t wait to share it with the world.”

You can watch the entire first episode ofBad Ally below.

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