George is Tired…Of ‘This Is Not America’

Yes, the fuck this is America. And I’m not talking about that Donald Glover video (whew chil-ay). But you have got to be kidding me if you can ever part your lips at the clusterfuck that has been two years under the Trump administration and continuously say “This is not the America I know” or “This is not how America operates.” Cause for people with a higher melanin complexion, this country has always been a dumpster fire of oppression to protect whiteness at all costs.

The most recent uprising of people who have been living with “blinders” is the attacks on the migrant caravan at the Mexican-United States border. These people who have walked more than 2000 miles looking for asylum and a chance at the “American Dream” were instead met with an American nightmare. Over 50 people arrested, including mothers and children and horrifying images of people being tear gassed. These photos tell the story of an America that many of us have always known. Yet, the rally cries of “America is better than this” continued to be spouted and the truth is we are tired of lies y’all tell.

‘Cause it was just 60 years ago the photos were of dogs biting my ancestors in the streets as they fought against Jim Crow laws wanting to gain civil rights. The photos of my people being hosed and beat with batons for simply wanting equity and equality. The pictures of white men pouring acid in a pool because it integrated, or the photo of angry white women yelling at Elizabeth Eckford as she walked into class once schools desegregated. Or how about the photos of my people hanging from trees, backs full of lashes and open wounds?

Hell, I’ll do you one better — let’s bring it to TODAY! It wasn’t just 60 minutes ago that Ferguson and Baltimore mirrored images of the fight in Palestine. It wasn’t just 60 minutes ago that neo-Nazis stormed Charlottesville with tiki torches (I still cackle. The fuck was y’all going? A barbeque?) fighting to take their country back — a country that they have never lost and has ALWAYS had white people in a place of power.

What has America been? A lie from the pit of hell. But seriously, this country literally teaches children that America was “discovered” with people already living here. And got everyone to believe the lie and make a holiday in honor of it. How did you find a new land with indigenous people living on it who weren’t lost? To add insult to that injury, the diseases y’all carried over here decimated their tribes. Those who didn’t die from that, were killed by you, as you conquered and claimed this land as your own. Then made another holiday called Thanksgiving like y’all and the indigenous people peaced it up. I think TF not.

But that wasn’t enough for your terrible ancestors. They had to find a way to have a “hold my beer” moment and double down on the heinous people that they were. They then traveled to the land of Africa and enslaved millions of people, shipping them to 19 different lands including the good ole US of A. These enslaved people were beaten, chained, killed, raped, and separated destroying years of legacy — ending the hopes of families ever finding each other again.

And I haven’t even gotten to this country’s treatment of LGBTQ people. Electroshock therapy, conversion therapy, being listed as a mental illness until the ’70s. The HIV epidemic and ignoring of us for all those years while hundreds of thousands died. The denial of the right to marry until recently, but still not offering workplace protections. And most recently, the trans military ban and attempt to make a person’s sex and gender at birth permanent.

So, keeping it all the way real, what you are seeing happening in this country IS America and has always been America and will continue to be America until the “good white people” push back against their hateful kinfolk. So many people see these separations at the border and are stating “we have never been a country like this,” like this country wasn’t literally built on the separation of Black families across the diaspora.

A bunch of folks saying “Trump is the worst president in history” leaving me to wonder if y’all was okay with the other presidents who raped and had folks enslaved? Like people, come on already. I know the K-12 education system got y’all fooled into thinking that American History made sense because it was “just the times they were in” except it didn’t exist UNTIL it was created by y’all. Only for y’all to then be pedestaled for fixing problems that your ancestors started.

So, in closing, I want to reiterate that “This is America” (does weird Donald Glover dance). And the sooner y’all realize that, the sooner we can have a conversation on what needs to be done to fix the problem it has ALWAYS been.

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