Trans Joy

What’s Giving Us Trans Joy This Week?

Another week of pure fuckery has gone by, full of TERFs, depressing policies, and general unease. But it wasn’t without its merits.

We remembered our history:

We looked fabulous:

We conquered space:

We celebrated in ✨style✨:

We remembered what it was like to be an egg:

We marveled at how far we’ve come (on TikTok:)

We danced to new music by Peaches and Mykki Blanco:

We called out TERFs in no uncertain terms:

We enjoyed small acts of kindness:

We made weekend plans to PAR-TAY

We prepared for Juneteenth:

We learned how to stay safe for Hot Vaxxed Summer:

And most importantly of all, we thought about the fact that Face/Off is a real movie that exists. Somehow.

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