You’ll Definitely Wanna Make Out To Shaun Ross’ Debut Single

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Shaun Ross has released the music video for his debut single, “Symmetry,” and not since Tyra Banks revolutionized music itself with her iconic 2004 smash* hit** “Shake Ya Body” has a supermodel’s foray into the medium been so exciting.

The trippy video, directed by animator and Hamilton Chicago cast member Brittany Campbell, finds humans melting in and out of one another, their parts separating and coming together over endless neon landscapes.

“I wanted to create a new experience that could allow people to think differently,” Ross told Paper, which premiered the video on Wednesday. “We live in a society where creativity only lives for a few minutes, so I wanted to show something new even if I’m physically not in the video.” Besides, you can always turn to Lana Del Rey’s “Tropico” orBeyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts” for some irl Shaun.

Over the psychedelic backdrops, Ross sings all smooth and beautifully about closing his eyes to see “a clearer vision of who I am” and about moving beyond “all this talk about bodies” to “find the gate to heaven in your heart.” Given his background in fashion, an industry built on aesthetics and beauty and physical bodies, it’s an interesting theme for him to explore.

Anyway, enjoy! Slash maybe make out with someone to it before you’re too filled with turkey to know what to do with yourself.

*citation needed
**no but actually

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