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IDMAN’s ‘Hate’ Is a Song You’ll Love

In need of new music? Look no further than the sounds of IDMAN (they/she). The Somali-Canadian singer-songwriter reaches from the depths of their soul and grabs inspiration from life and current events to create music that touches, inspires, and causes you to reflect. Her lyrics weave together stories that highlight her vulnerability and are beautifully accompanied by her delicate and angelic vocals. 

They’re now ready to pull at your heartstrings with their latest single “Hate”. The emotional song shows off IDMAN’s strong lyrical abilities as the track focuses on the rollercoaster of emotions and heartbreak within a relationship. If you bubbled the talents of Rihanna, Muni Long, and SZA, and gave it a dash of Fefe Dobson, you’d have “Hate” – a track you’ll love. 

“‘Hate’ is the most honest song I’ve ever written. After a breakup and seven months of no contact with an ex, ‘Hate’ highlights feelings I contemplated as I came to terms with the ending of my last relationship,” said IDMAN. “This song is a part of the story we began to tell with [the song] ‘Good Life’ – I almost ran away from telling it until my collaborators gave me the courage to continue.”

Photo credit: 1964 Agency

And we’re glad that they gave IDMAN this courage, especially when it culminated into this track. With production that harkens back to 2005 to 2010, when R&B/pop ruled the Billboard charts, the nostalgic feels adds to the longing and tension that this earworm has. 

The accompanying music video adds to the effect as well. Directed by Khufu Najee (Kehlani, Audrey Nuna, Smino, ROLE MODEL, Tempest), the visual follows IDMAN’s “Good Life” and “Look At What I’m Doing To You” in that they differ greatly, but with her signature platinum tresses, emotive singing style, and stunning looks, they captivate you nonetheless. With the emphasis on IDMAN, you feel the emotional weight of their lyrics be embodied by the up-and-coming artist in her latest visual. 

“The music video utilizes mirrors to symbolize looking myself in the eye and holding myself accountable and using this song and this process as a means of self-critique and self-reflection, as I deal with all the lingering emotions in the aftermath of my first real heartbreak,” added IDMAN.

While “Hate” offers a more R&B/pop sound, a quick listen to the rest of IDMAN’s music and you’ll understand that genres mean nothing to them, as they blend alternative, R&B, pop, hip hop, country, afrobeats, and more together. Check out IDMAN’s music video for “Hate” below.

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