No Tea No Shade?

Bob the Drag Queen Had a Tangle with TSA Over…a Wig?

· Updated on July 23, 2021

Bob the Drag Queen is setting off alarms, probably not for the first time. During what should have been a mundane visit to LAX, the comedian and RuPaul alumni had a confrontation with the TSA. And lucky for us, she live-tweeted the entire incident.

The issue was a brunette wig. The TSA deemed it apparently necessary to take the wig out of Bob’s luggage and scan it separately. If you’re thinking a wig would make a poor terrorist threat, you’re underestimating the power of a tragic wig.

After tossing the wig into a silver tray, the agent took it to be examined by a Black colleague. They then ran the wig through for an apparent third time. But first, in what can only be described as wig conversion therapy, they stripped it of its bump and styling pins.

The saga ended with a photo of the wig returned to Bob’s luggage, where it can do no more harm. As Bob put it, “The suspicious wig has been released from custody and is currently out on parole.”

Afterwards, things only got stranger. As if Bob hadn’t suffered enough, the TSA posted a pun-laden response to the thread on their official Instagram account, saying, “We heard you walked purse first through one of our security checkpoints. No tea, no shade, and we sure hope you had a pleasant experience, but when it comes to security we do what needs to be done to keep you safe.”

(Sidebar: TIL the TSA has an official Instagram account on which they post bad memes about contraband. What do I do with this knowledge?)

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While the incident was entirely unnecessary, it did make for some entertaining Twitter commentary.


Many decided the offending item could only be this infamous wig:

A few took Bob’s side:


And of course some of her fellow RuPaul stars weighed in:

That BURN!

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