Anti-Violence Project Airs Assault Hotline Commercial During ‘Drag Race’

Drag Race contestants have never been the ones to shy away from being vulnerable. From Season 1, with Ongina talking about her HIV status, the show has been a place for the queens to feel acceptedand Thursday’s episode was no exception.

Blair St. Clair was very vulnerable when she explained to the judges that her cutesy innocent aesthetic comes as a response from when she was raped at a college party. The other queens showered Blair in love and support duringUntucked.

During the episode, the Anti-Violence Project aired a commercial with their assault hotline number on it

In a statement toINTO, Catherine Shugrue dos Santos, Co-Director of Client Services at the Anti-Violence Project, spoke about Blair’s story and the experience of LGBTQ survivors.

“The shame that can burden survivors sometimes keeps them from sharing their stories. This often gets compounded when a survivor holds multiple identities and are experiencing violence, and trauma, at multiple intersections,” Shugrue dos Santos said. “It’s important to remember that LGBTQ people are survivors of sexual violence, too. Blair’s decision to share his story with millions sheds light on this. Hopefully it can also bring us closer to openly having this discussion within the LGBTQ community.”

It’s not easy to share your trauma with anyone, yet alone on national television show. Blair’s bravery will shine a light on other survivors, especially LGBTQ folks, and it will be talked about for years to come.

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