Brad Pitt Wore an Extremely Queer-Coded Outfit to the Bullet Train Premiere and People are Shook

Love him or hate him, Brad Pitt is an American institution. And last night, at the premiere of his new film Bullet Train, he made a fashion choice that everyone’s gagging over.

That’s right: he wore a skirt. And I’ve got to say, it looks good. Even if it’s a case of Harry Styles-esque queerbaiting, the man looks great in a skirt. But what man doesn’t?

Pitt is a fairly complicated figure in American media. For one thing, Angelina Jolie has been outspoken in recent years about the alleged abuse she faced while married to Pitt, explaining that she feared for the safety of herself and her children while in the marriage.

Add this to Pitt’s recent GQ cover, and you’ve got yourself a complicated case of a celebrity seemingly trying to rebrand for a younger audience in light of some pretty serious abuse charges.

Is he just pulling a Harry Styles? Or is he trying to tell us something? Maybe he’s just trying to distract us from the fact of his alleged abuse. We don’t know.

As this user pointed out, this isn’t actually new for Pitt. But it is intriguing.

Gotta say, this was a LEWK.

But once again, I must ask: have we forgotten the charges of abuse?? I guess we have??? Ugh.

While it’s fun to see conservatives lose their tiny mind over the combination of man + skirt, it’s still not a great reason to celebrate a man who allegedly abused his wife and children.

Some users are taking this moment as an educational opportunity, which is a good way to go:

It’s worth noting that though Pitt is the one making headlines, several other cast members showed out in style last night.

Zazie Beetz ripped that gorgeous dress right off of a Bratz doll and we’re obsessed. Meanwhile, Brian Tyree Henry aka Phastos himself showed out in a stunning olive suit with wide lapels and showstopping accessories:

Next time, can we all just remember that, while wearing a skirt as a cis man is cool, it doesn’t actually make up for being a (probably) not very good person?

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