If Only Melania Trump Could Copy Michelle Obama’s Popularity Ratings

Being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, anyway.

According to a new CNN poll, Melania Trump holds the dubious honor of being the most popular member of the Trump family. Forty-four percent of people who responded to the survey saw Melania favorably, while only 35% did not. Who knows what the rest thought? Why do so many people have no opinion of Melania?

To contrast, the president has a 41% favorability rating, while 57% view him unfavorably.

While comparing Trumps to other Trumps is cool, when it comes to other first ladies, Melania Trump comes up short. One year into her husband’s presidency, Michelle Obama had a 72% favorability rating and a 17% unfavorability rating, according to Gallup Polls.

Melania Trump quite famously took a page out of Michelle Obama’s book literally when she read a speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention that too-closely resembled Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention address.

Unlike other first ladies, Melania Trump has kept the lowest of profiles. Who can remember the time she _____ or ________ ! And remember when she _______ ??

Recently, during her first address to the UN, Melania Trump once again tried to talk about cyberbullying, which was supposed to be her big platform. Unfortunately, that venture has been neglected more than Tiffany Trump at Thanksgiving dinner.

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