Mandy Moore Says She Slid Into Karamo Brown’s DMs

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Mandy Moore is an acclaimed actress, former pop star — with plans to make new music —  and apparently a Queer Eye super-fan. The multi-hyphenate appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week and dished on her run-in with the show’s culture expert, Karamo Brown, on her last visit on the talk show.

“I sort of stalked him, mildly, and managed to, like, weasel in and get a picture, and he was very, very kind,” Moore revealed about her backstage encounter. She was there to watch her fiancé’s band perform. “I’m obsessed,” she continued. “I’m a giant fan of the show.” 

However, the obsession goes deeper. The This Is Us actress said she slid into Brown’s DMs on Instagram and got his phone number. When the talk show host pressed her further on this modern beginning to a new friendship, Moore said, “I’ll text him. I feel like that’s a little safer.” 

Kimmel joked about the saccharine nature of both Moore and Brown’s respective shows. “If they did some kind of crossover episode with Queer Eye and This Is Us, the world would never stop crying.” He quipped, “There would be floods.”

Mandy Moore isn’t the only actor who’s been bitten by the Queer Eye bug. Justin Theroux recently told Kimmel about his similar encounter with the Fab Five, claiming he, too, slid into their DMs with hopes of joining their “wolf pack.”

Moore is a long-time LGBTQ ally. Last year, she opened up about her loving relationships with her lesbian mother, who once left her father for a woman, and her two gay brothers. She told People, “I definitely won’t stand for [intolerance]. But I feel like we’re at a time in our culture when we’re able to have a much more open dialogue.”

“I’m encouraged and excited that eventually we’re going to get to a point where none of this matters. Sexual preference or orientation just won’t factor in anymore. I think we’re inching closer to that.”

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