Rihanna And Cher Tweeting Nice Things At Each Other Is The Cutest Thing Ever

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Billionaires might be systematically shutting down the independent media outlets that put forth the unglamorous but vital local reporting we rely on every day, but at least there is still one good thing in the world.

This tweeted back and forth between Rihanna and Cher.

It all started Thursday afternoon when Rihanna tweeted the promo for her new Fenty x Puma collection.

Cher apparently liked what she saw, and, faster than you can say “Wagon Wheel Watusi,” tweeted some praise Rihanna’s way.

“hey little @rihanna girl,So🌬❄️ = cool,” Cher tweeted about the collection. “Keep 👀on what @rihanna up 2. So Many fresh ideas coming from young artists.”

Queen of building up and supporting those who follow in her footsteps!

Rihanna saw Cher’s tweets and decided to send some praise back her way.

“a true queen you are @Cher,” Rihanna wrote. “thank you!”

This is the only good thing that happened today! Savor it while you can!!!!

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