Twitter Has Some Feelings About the #BombCyclone

When we were kids, a massive snowfall meant we got to miss school and go make snowmen or something else that happens in Norman Rockwell paintings. As adults, they’re kind of a bummer. If we’re lucky, we get to work from home. But mostly, we’re just fearing the impending doom of climate change.

Luckily, Twitter is here to hold us over until the end of the world. As long as there are Game of Thrones memes or whatever’s topical for the moment, no blizzard can keep a New Yorker down. Not even Winter Storm Grayson, or the “bomb cyclone” as it’s so pleasantly been dubbed.

One weatherman whipped out his huge innuendo to get us all hot bothered, regardless of the plummeting temperature.

Plenty of other gay and gay-adjacent Twitter users have taken to social media to express their emotions about Grayson. It gives us something to scroll through as we await frostbite.

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